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5 Reasons why you should record your calls

Call Recording used to be a feature that was reserved for large companies. With significant software and cloud-based developments in the past years, that’s no longer the case. Businesses across the UK of all sizes are now reaping the benefits of being able to record their calls.

Here are 5 reasons why should record your calls:

1 – Better customer service
Despite the gathering pace of email, messaging and online chats the telephone is still a crucial link between business and customers.

Recording calls allows managers to be an “ear on the wall” of all interactions between staff and customers. It enables them to analyse what issues customers have and what needs to be improved. Common complaints can be detected at an early stage and steps taken to rectify them. You can also nip customer complaints in the bud before they blow up into bigger issues.

2 – Peace of mind
Call recordings can provide important evidence in the case of legal proceedings. People can have selective memories when it comes to telephone conversations. Having a back up if there is a dispute can be the difference between no liability and an expensive pay out.

3 – Staff training
Role-play scenarios are all well and good but nothing beats real-life examples for use in staff training and one to ones to improve performance. You can use them to show exactly what is expected of employees and contrast good and bad examples to highlight the differences.

4 – Performance reviews
Similarly, evidence of actual calls and responses from customers can be part of an employee’s appraisal. You can use recordings to monitor how employees have improved and are performing compared to other staff.

5 – Improved Support
Access to previous calls is a big assistance for helpdesks. Queries that may have taken ages to resolve can now be looked into easily for a fast and informed response.

If you’d like any more information or advice about how Call Recording and IT could help your business, please contact a member of our team by emailing, filling out our contact form or alternatively, call us on 0161 763 1002.