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Every business performs better with fibre

If you have lots of office staff working from computers or laptops, our FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises) broadband is what you need.

This next generation broadband service is around 4 times faster than our standard business broadband, and with over than 40% of UK businesses now using cloud-based services, speed matters more than ever.

FTTP uses fibre optic lines from the exchange, direct to your business. With no copper wire along the way, this full fibre connection gives you our highest quality broadband with the least possible lag so you can get more done, and faster.

Why get FTTP broadband?


Ultra Fast

Take calls, share files and download images all at once, with download speeds up to 1000Mbps.


Always Reliable

Get amazing quality voice calls and much less lag even during peak office times.


Office Wide

Your entire workforce can work at full pelt without their connection ever slowing.


No Interference

Fibre isn’t affected by nearby electrical units like heating or ventilation.


More Secure

Hackers find it almost impossible to tap into fibre, and issues can be detected quickly.


Future Proof

As your business expands, fibre has the potential to scale to speeds of 10Gbits or more.


Unlimited Usage

There’s no data cap, so you can stream, make video calls and download as much as you want.


UK Tech Support

Our UK based team will log, diagnose and fix any faults, and have you back online fast.

Plans & Pricing

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115Mb £28.00 per month 330Mb £38.00 per month 1000Mb £58.00 per month
Unlimited Data Allowance Unlimited Data Allowance Unlimited Data Allowance Unlimited Data Allowance
Installation Installation £150.00 Installation £150.00 Installation £150.00
Download Speed Download Speed 115Mb Download Speed 330Mb Download Speed 1000Mb
Upload Speed Upload Speed 20Mb Upload Speed 50Mb Upload Speed 115Mb

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