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Leased Lines

Leased Lines

Your broadband line, your rules

When your business relies on your broadband connection, and any downtime could seriously impact your bottom line, a leased line gives you reassurance. It’s a dedicated internet line directly to your business, so no other homes or businesses eat into your bandwidth.

You can pick your upload and download speeds – from 10Mbps all the way up to 10Gbps. And we guarantee whatever speed you choose, so you can send and receive massive files quickly, run data-heavy business applications and more, without seeing any dip in speeds.

And on the off-chance there’s ever an issue, our service is backed by a five-hour guaranteed fix time, so we’ll have everything sorted the same day.

Why get a leased line?


Lightning Quick

Speeds can go up to 10Gbps – faster than our best ultrafast business broadband.


Guaranteed Speeds

It’s a private connection, so your upload and download speeds won't slow down at peak times.


Super Scalable

Start with the speed that meets your needs, and scale to 10Gbps quickly and easily if needed.


More Reliable

Leased lines are internet connections for your use only, so problems are much less likely.


Unlimited Data

Run your VoIP phone system, make video calls, send hefty files and more – no caps.


Fully Managed

We’ll install, manage and configure your leased lines, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.


Avoid Lag

Say goodbye to jittery video, voice calls and cloud apps with guaranteed low latency of <20ms.


Gigabit Voucher

If you’re a UK SME, you can claim up to £3,500 towards gigabit capable leased lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s dedicated internet access for you and your business, where you get a single line all to yourself.

A leased line is all yours, but with broadband, you share a broadband line with other homes and businesses. Your own leased line means you get high speeds and a reliable connection all day, every day, whereas broadband can often have bottlenecks caused by overcrowded lines.

A leased line uses the same technology as fibre-optic broadband, but rather than sharing the line with other homes and businesses, a unique connection is ‘leased’ to your business alone, so all the bandwidth (the amount of data you can download and upload) is dedicated to you.

SLA stands for “Service Level Agreement” and this shows our guaranteed response fix time if you ever have a problem. All our leased lines come with a guaranteed 5-hour SLA, which is backed by money-back credits in the unlikely event that it takes any longer than 5 hours.

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