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RAF Cosford

RAF Cosford is responsible for the provision of all Phase 2 and some Phase 3 training for all aeronautical engineers for the UK Armed Services. Based in the countryside of Shropshire its aim is to provide the best aeronautical engineering training to fulfil all current and future defence needs. They had a very old training centre which comprised 16 booths and a control centre. They trained using a white board for scenarios and based on what questions were asked, they would assess by how they answered the questions – drawings, voice and approach. This was very cumbersome and not necessarily the most effective way of training and assessing individuals. In 2009 Microcare were recommended to RAF Cosford who wanted to upgrade the training activities and the introductory meetings started in late 2009.

The Project

As part of the modernisation to the training facilities they wanted to create an operating centre that allowed the trainees to be trained as individuals so that they could be assessed effectively – their reaction times, their physical reactions, the solutions they provided, their approach to the scenario and the ability to play back the voice recordings for assessment. They needed a facility that was adaptable and flexible enough to be able to train individuals at different levels and different stages but at the same time if necessary. They ultimately needed to provide the students with a better training solution.

As part of the tender process Microcare invested time looking at how RAF Cosford worked and trained presently, how they needed to assess trainees going forward and what capacity they required. We took time to understand the full training procedure and Microcare then ‘Established Needs’ and created a report that showed the essential and non essential requirements. This report then allowed us to review what was available in the market from our strategic partners and choose the solution that best suited RAF Cosford’s requirements.

The Result

Microcare were successful in winning the business based on our capabilities as a business, our pedigree, the professionalism and the way that we had demonstrated how we had invested time in understanding their requirements prior to recommending a Samsung Integrated solution that would meet all of their needs.

We implemented individual booths with headsets and telephone points in each booth and created 3 operating consoles so that various types of training could happen at the same time in the centre. We installed a central operating booth which resulted in improved training effectiveness. Microcare also installed all the network cabling as this was not in place on site which allowed everything to work off one system. We also introduced a Samsung CCTV system so that physical reactions could be monitored as part of the training programme. Voice recording was also implemented, again as part of the assessment process.

The client is extremely happy with the system that Microcare recommended and installed. It has created a more effective and in-depth training facility at RAF Cosford, which now supports their mission. RAF Cosford has now committed to a 3 year maintenance agreement and also want Microcare to look at the hanger security on-site. Microcare have been considered for this because of the professionalism, service levels and system recommendations they provided for the training centres.