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Joining Microcare

It’s effortless. We submit all the transfer requests (port requests) which take between 10-15 working days to move over, and on the final day, service with your old supplier will stop, and we take over. If you buy any equipment from us, we’ll instal it and show you how to use it before the transfer goes through.

You might have to pay a cancellation fee to them before you can switch to us. But speak to our sales team and we might be able to cover this fee for you.

No. Unless otherwise agreed with us, when the service from your old supplier stops, ours begins immediately.

Once you’ve switched to Microcare, we’ll send your first bill on or around the 14th of the next month. Your future bills will be sent around the 14th too.

If you have any issues before switching to Microcare, speak to your current provider. Once you’ve moved over, our customer support team will help with any problems you might be having.

You’ll get a dedicated account manager who’ll be on hand to answer your account questions or talk through any other services you might need.

Billing Questions

Direct Debit is easiest for you, but you can also pay by bank transfer, debit/credit card, cheque or Giro.

Calls costing 50p or more are itemised on your invoice, but we can arrange full itemisation too – just ask your account manager.

Contact your account manager who’ll explain what it is and look into the charge to see if it’s right.

To make things easy for you to manage, we send invoices every month rather than quarterly. You can expect your invoice on or around the 14th of every month.

As is the norm, we bill in advance for line rental, so your first invoice will include charges for part of the month when your line was transferred, as well as the next month.

Speak to your account manager and they’ll sort it for you.

Service Questions

If you have any problems with your service, call our support team on 0800 515 513 or email

This covers your telephone system, your digital /IP handsets and any fault-related engineer call outs. Your account manager can explain more.

We run our service on the BT Openreach network, so if you have a fault with your line, an Openreach engineer will fix it.

It can be anything from 6 hours to 3 working days, depending on the Care Level you have on your line. Speak to your account manager if you need a service with guaranteed fix times.

Yes. Call our support team on 0800 515 513 and we’ll set this up for you.

Give your account manager one month’s notice of your move and we’ll organise everything so it’s completely hassle free.